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* <-- huh? all their samples are blank...?
* <-- this scene was probably the most scientifically inaccurate, since it showed the patch job flapping in the martian wind even after the Hab was pressurized
* <-- I was disappointed this scene was darker than in the book, since they didn't use his "hey look, boobies! (.)(.)" response to Kapoor reminding him he's live to the world
* <-- frankly for how little Annie was in the main movie, I thought she could have been cut out entirely
* <-- wut
* <-- 'My mother told the investigators how glad she was to get the glasses back, considering that they cost $8. The sourpuss did a slow burn, then said “Lady, this case has cost the government thousands of dollars. It has been the top priority in our office for the last eight weeks..."'
* <-- more parts coming soon, but this album has close-ups of the more esoteric stuff not yet mentioned
* <-- I've been working on writing this for the past few weeks, and the first part is published, finally
* <-- my new toucan
* <-- something to make bulletproof vests from
* <-- this, on the other hand, is at the top of the list. I approve.
* <-- someone put this on it; I question what we're teaching them during induction
* <-- this is sort of like that, but still needs to jut out a bit for the controls
* <-- I've got a bit of a collection going
* <-- that's a weird feeling, coming across a video and hearing it directly reference something I put into a a wikipedia page a decade ago
* <-- lol, not "oh, I know this one, it's left Ctrl-Alt, right?"
* <-- that may have tipped them off
* <-- remarkably vague on how many guns were in her son's schools, and on the grandchildren's situation
* <-- I like how the telegraph didn't get the dashcon meme reference
* <-- Happy Moehanga day!
* <-- I don't get it
* <-- and let's be honest, the headlights look like a KISS concert
* <-- this sort of thing
* <-- this, anyway

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