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* <-- neale
* <-- bz2
* <-- nemo
* <-- "So, 10/10 for customer service, 0/10 for morality."
* <-- does what it says on the tin
* <-- 38, 83... sudden death, long illness... I should go back outside
* <-- I made a thing.
* <-- Pouring reheated lava onto a block of ice.
* <-- 'phone bought at def-con without important patch --- scan for '(a lot more than" for What It Took to Crack It... and more
* <-- you guys are going to love this site
* <-- Dubai police have a Veyron. because Dubai.
* <-- Reno PD has charger police cars, and the taillights are distinctive enough that any time I see a charger in front of me at night, I wonder if it's a cop (the crown victoria effect)
* <-- ballistic door plates for the taurus-based police interceptor. I wonder if I could install them on my c-max
* <-- heh, after superfish, Lenovo is promising to make all Windows installations Microsoft Signature-esque (without going as far as saying they'll be Signature certified)
* <-- MUF code is hosted on livejournal, to ensure its future relevance
* <-- core dictionary is like 200 words
* <-- neale
* <-- emad - it was you commenting on the credit card recommendation thing before, yeah - this might be of interest...
*,+Harlequin!%5C%27+Said+the+Ticktockman+by+Harlan+Ellison.pdf <-- when your heart-beeps become part of an internet of things
* <-- this is what happens when your language doesn't have anonymous functions
* <-- We all knew that Truth/Data would out; and “They were right where you would expect them to be,” --- Also, “There is potential criminal activity,”
* <-- hahaha, somebody tried to fix the exposure levels
* <-- Guns Are Bad, where "Guns" are "Your Guns"
* <-- Proof Is Hard, but... ?Too Hard
* <-- neale pedro
* <-- emad

dumont, master of the io tower clickolinko was created by Neale Pickett, who was too modest to credit himself.
Sean Neakums, who butchered clickolinko after installing it on flynn, does not suffer from that problem.
Props to the usual gang of idiots for ideas, suggestions, testing and shouting.